Crystal River Vacation Guide – TOP 5 Things to Do

Crystal River is an idyllic location that guarantees a fun-filled holiday where you can swim with the Crystal River manatees, take a romantic dining river cruise, snorkel, or go shopping.

Situated on the west coast of Florida, offering the best climate, you have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable holiday with your family.

The Perfect Holiday Spot

There is a great choice in Crystal River vacation rentals, motels, hotels, and resorts. Local hospitality caters for travelers who are eager to discover what Crystal River has to offer.

Crystal River’s Vacation Bucket List

There are definitely a few must-see-must-do activities to put on your holiday itinerary like swimming with the Crystal River Florida manatees, absorbing the region’s natural beauty and wildlife, and exploring the surrounding waters.

Mingle with Manatees

First on the list. Nowhere else in North America can you legally swim with manatees, which is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

If you choose the Manatee Tour and Dive in Crystal River and King’s Bay area, you get the added bonus of seeing dolphins, aquatic turtles, and all types of exotic marine life. VIP packages, swim and paddle tours, guided swims, there’s a wide range to choose from that gets you up close and personal with a manatee.

Search for Scallops

Scallop season in Crystal River runs from July to September and the area becomes very popular for scallop hunting. Snorkeling in the inner shores while fishing for scallops is great enjoyment for the whole family.

Nurture the Nature

Crystal River has an abundance of native flora and fauna. Visit the local wildlife sanctuaries to soak up the fascinating wonders of nature like bird watching or help feed young animals in the refuge parks.

Fancy some Fishing

Crystal River inshore fishing offers a stunning array of redfish, tarpon, spotted sea trout, and snook for the ultimate fishing pleasure. You can even take up lessons with the local professional fishing guide.

Holiday in History

Downtown Crystal River exudes the essence of a quaint fisherman village. Preserving its 1800s history, a walk downtown will take you back in time.

Getting Ready for Crystal River

Whether you’re searching through the manatee vacation packages or full Crystal River vacation packages, you won’t be disappointed. Every experience at Crystal Rivers is an amazing one. And, being a little prepared can go a long way in having a great family vacation.

Things to Note

If it’s the first time you’re visiting Crystal River, familiarize yourself with the conservation rules and the activities available. If you’re expecting to climb snow-capped mountains, then you might be disappointed.

But if you’re going scalloping, make sure you get your license, note the zones, date and catch limit requirements, and pack the right gear.

Florida has a great climate although the summer months can get uncomfortably hot, so pack according to the season. And, always wear a hat and sunscreen outdoors.

If taking a swim with manatees in Crystal River isn’t your thing, try fishing for scallops, or go hiking, play golf, take a painting class, the list is endless with enough to suit everyone in the family.

The kids will love the water sports, and hot springs, while those looking for culture will be fascinated by the many history trails available in the area.