How to Choose a Manatee Tour in Florida?

Having a swim with manatees in Florida is not something you do every day. In fact, a lot of people don’t know what a manatee is unless its pointed out. These large, placid mammals move gracefully through the waters while subtly engaging with swimmers nearby.

Getting the best out of this unique experience comes with guided Florida tours where you get to hear and learn from the experts.

Best Times to Tour

The manatee season in Florida starts mid November until the end of March. Being a busy time to visit, it’s highly recommended to book your manatee boat tours in advance. That applies to your accommodation and other activities too as it’s peak season in Crystal River.

Most Florida tours start early for the best sightings so it’s a popular slot for tourists but there are tours to suit everyone.

If you’re not a great swimmer and prefer to stay afloat, go for a manatee boat or paddle tour. Or, you can dive right in and spend a few hours exploring the remarkable creatures under the sea.

Types of Manatee Tours

There are numerous packages that cater for different experiences from manatee boat tours to swim tours, or manatee swim and dive tours. There’s good selection to choose from.

Find the package that suits you best and check out what equipment you need to bring or what you can hire. Most tours offer to include a photo or video of your awesome experience that nobody else can capture.

Swim and Dive Tours

The best tours in Florida provide a knowledgeable, safe and unique engagement between you and the manatees. Swim and dive tours are usually 3 to 5 hours allowing you and the manatee to get comfortable in each other’s presence.

It’s ill-advised to force physical contact so patiently wait until the manatee finds its way to you. They are intelligent and naturally curious, so you won’t have to wait too long for an interaction.

Why Swim with Manatees?

It’s breath-taking to be so close to manatees knowing they not out to eat you. These majestic mammals reminds us how awe-inspiring and great our world really is. It’s definitely a cure for any office-related stress. A moment like this could even change your perspective on life.

If you’re sticking with manatee boat tours in Florida, you’re still in for an extraordinary encounter. But best of all is the manatee tour and dive in Crystal River Florida that gives you not only a personal experience, but a deeper look in the manatee’s world and its neighbors.

Safety for the Manatee and You

It’s easy to get excited being near these creatures but rules and responsibility come first. There are strict laws to adhere to such as minimizing splash noise, being slow in your movements and only touching with one hand (after the manatee makes contact).

Did you know it’s illegal to touch a manatee with two hands?

Although they are very large, they are also very shy and prefer to initiate contact instead of being hounded and touched by people. Follow your guide’s instructions to have a meaningful and incident-free experience.

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