• Manatees & Mermaids

    Manatees & Mermaids: Fantasy and Fun for the Entire Family! Can’t decide between a manatee tour or a mermaid course?
  • Try Mermaid

    The SSI Try Mermaid program is your introduction to the world of mermaids and mermen and to swimming with an
  • Mermaid Training

    This recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as mermaid or merman. Personalized training is
  • Ocean Mermaid

    Do you want to move from confined water into the open water environments? The SSI Ocean Mermaid Upgrade teaches you
  • Mermaid / Ocean Mermaid Combined

    In this combined course, you complete both the Mermaid course, plus the Ocean Mermaid Course. This recognized certification program is
  • Model Mermaid

    Do you want amazing photos or videos of yourself being a mermaid or merman? This Program teaches you the skills