Ecology Speciality Course

  • Fish Identification

    Develop the knowledge and ability to identify common families of Caribbean, Indio-Pacific, and Red Sea Fish. Learn the scientific names
  • Manatee Awareness Specialty

    Protect Our Waters Manatees are peaceful and gentle creatures who call Crystal River home for a portion of the year.
  • Sea Turtle Ecology

    How many types of sea turtles are there? Investigate the history of the marine reptiles, reproduction, threats and how they
  • Manta and Ray Ecology

    Join us to learn more and Mantas & Rays Rays are closely related to sharks and have been around for
  • Marine Ecology

    The oceans have many ecosystems with incredible diversity. Learn about the physical components of the oceans and the resultant life
  • Shark Ecology Course

    Join us to learn about Shark Ecology. The relationship between humans and sharks is complex because it involves fear and
  • Coral Identification

    Join us to Explore the basic structure of corals and coral reefs. Learn how to identify coral families and examine