Georgia Aquarium Scuba Trip

Crystal River Watersports on the Georgia Aquarium scuba dive trip

At the end of April, Crystal River Watersports took a group of people diving at a very special event at the Georgia Aquarium. It was a great family-friendly trip, and for non-divers, there was even a snorkeling option so that people of all skill levels could participate in this unique experience. The focal point of the trip was the opportunity to dive with whale sharks at the aquarium in an up-close experience that was second to none! We asked one of our guests to write about their experience and they shared details of the trip with us. Read more from guest L.K. Williams below.

georgia aquarium whale shark dive with crystal river watersports

The Georgia Aquarium Scuba Trip Adventure

What an amazing experience me and my family had at the Georgia Aquarium. The crew of the Georgia Aquarium have everything down pat. When we arrived, they explained right where we needed to be to check in and get ready for our scuba dive and our snorkel adventure. They explained everything that we needed to know and what was expected from us during our dive with a focus on safety and fun, and of course respect for the incredible creatures we that would be around us during our dive. 

They had our wetsuits waiting for us in lockers with our names on it so that it was easy to locate the proper equipment.  All the equipment and gear was set up for us, and if we wanted to use our own masks, that was not a problem. They even cleaned them and had them sanitized for us so that nothing would be able to enter in to the aquarium waters and our aquatic friends would be safe and protected. They had our BCD’s, tanks and weights set perfectly to our body weight and ready to go so that we could maximize our time in the water.

The overall experience was very streamlined and worry-free, with everything running smoothly according to plan. We’re sure this was no small feat, and was greatly appreciated by everyone on the trip! Later after the dives, showers with shampoo and soap were provided so we could clean up and be ready for the evening. They even included a souvenir shirt to commemorate the experience. During the dive and snorkel adventures, they had a  videographer taking incredible fotoage that was professionally edited for everyone to purchase either before or after your dive so that you could relive the adventure even after you returned home.

Whether you are doing the snorkel or scuba dive adventure, you will not be disappointed with the marine life located at the Georgia Aquarium. The whale sharks and manta rays are beautiful creatures and were my personal favorite and a big check off my bucket list! They swim by you so gracefully and during our snorkel adventure, they actually came very close to all the swimmers.  There are numerous types of reef fish, turtles, and sharks that continually are swimming around you throughout your underwater adventure.  

But one of my favorite parts about the dive was also waving to the aquarium visitors who were walking through the exhibit – on the outside of the tanks, as we dove inside the waters with the sea creatures! I have recommended this dive to others and will continue to do so as it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. If you get the chance, please check it out for yourselves.

  • L. K. Williams   

Thank you, L.K. Williams for sharing your experience with us, and accompanying us on this incredible Georgia Aquarium adventure. We look forward to having you and your family join us on other scuba trips in the future!

dive with manta rays with crystal river watersports at georgia aquarium

Why Travel With Crystal River Watersports

With nearly a decade of experience hosting you as Crystal River Watersports, we’re thrilled to be able to offer these exciting scuba trip options in addition to our scuba tours departing from our dock right in Crystal River, Florida. When you book with us, you have the opportunity to travel with other divers, take advantage of group rates, and leave all the scheduling and booking details to us! Whether you’re looking for a quick scuba dive trip, or an international scuba vacation, contact us at (352)795-7033 for more information and to plan your next scuba trip with us! 

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