Three Sisters Springs

  • 17 ft. Maximum Depth – Great for Newly Certified or Junior Divers
  • $150.99  2 Diver Rate Per Person, gear not included
  • $300.99 Single Diver, includes gear.
  • $95 for Snorkelers in addition to a diver
  • Snorkeling gear is included
  • Scuba gear rental $40 per person

Three Sisters Springs is a complex of three spring areas, with many vents and sand boils that help feed Kings Bay, the headwaters of the Crystal River. These springs also constitute one of the most important natural warm-water refuges for the endangered Florida manatee. The mouth of the Three Sisters run is blocked by concrete posts to prevent boat access; only swimmers, canoers, and kayakers can enter.

The land around the springs is private and posted.
At one time, Three Sisters Springs was used by Jacques Cousteau to help rehabilitate “Sewer Sam,” a manatee named after he became trapped in a Miami sewer system and was subsequently rescued. Cousteau and his crew and volunteers kept Sam in Three Sisters Springs until the manatee was acclimated to the area.

Upon release, Sewer Sam swam out into Kings Bay, where he joined the other manatees gathering there.

NOTE:  3 Sisters Spring is Closed for Scuba Diving from Nov. 15 – March 31. Weeki Wachee and Rainbow River are also great dives for those just starting to explore the underwater realm.