SSI Marine Ecology Courses

Learn About Marine Life and Ecosystems!

SSI offers a variety of marine ecology courses to help you learn about and understand marine ecosystems. Enhance your diving experiences with virtual courses designed specifically to help you better understand the various marine ecology and wildlife you may encounter along your adventures! Even better, you do not need to be a diver or even registered to learn about scuba diving to register for the ecology courses. It’s the perfect way for any marine-lover to expand their knowledge of the ecosystems and wildlife of the seas! All courses are virtual learning based programs.

Our ecology courses also make a great gift for children who love the ocean and want to learn more about life under the sea. You can purchase a gift card for use towards any of our courses and let them choose which area they would like to learn about themselves!

All courses are $75 each and are hosted through virtual learning, lasting approximately 1.5 hours per course.

We also offer an SSI Shark Ecology Course and a PADI Manatee Awareness Specialty on demand!

SSI Manta & Ray Ecology Course

Rays are closely related to sharks and have been around for millions of years. How are they distinguished from sharks, where they live, and what they eat are just a few things you will learn during this course. You will also learn about the various types of mantas and rays and learn to identify them. Understand the key role they play in the oceanic ecosystem and threats to their environment, as well as a better appreciation for these incredible sea creatures.

SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Course

Have you ever wondered how many types of sea turtles there are? Investigate the history of these well-loved marine reptiles, learn about their habitats, reproduction, threats and how they cope with the challenges they face in today’s oceans and seas. You’ll learn about their migration patterns, how they live, and how the various types of sea turtles differ from each other in behavior, habitats, and climate. 

SSI Fish Identification Course

Develop the knowledge and ability to identify common families of Caribbean, Indio-Pacific, and Red Sea Fish. Learn the scientific names and not just the common names. The “common”names vary from location to location for the same fish, whereas the scientific names are constant, plus the family is the same across the oceans. What a great way to learn all about the types of fish you may encounter when scuba diving and snorkeling here around Crystal River, as well as around the world!

SSI Coral Identification Course

Join us to explore the basic structure of corals and coral reefs. Learn how to identify coral families and examine coral health issues. Learn the similarities and differences between Eastern Atlantic/Caribbean, Indio Pacific and Red Sea corals along with how to identify the various corals based on location and structure such as hard vs soft corals. You will also learn about coral reproduction and growth rates as well as threats to their environment.

SSI Marine Ecology Course

The oceans have many ecosystems with incredible diversity. Learn about the physical components of the oceans and the resultant life differences. Learn about natural and human impacts to the oceans

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