Come scalloping and dive for your dinner! 

Duration & Pricing

Scalloping adventures are approximately 5 hours departing at 7am and 12:45 / 1pm. Cost is per boat at $450 for up to 4 guests, $75 additional person up to a total of 6 per boat. Multiple boats available for larger parties. Scallop season runs from July 1 through September 24 annually and sells out fast! We recommend booking your scalloping adventure in advance.

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About This Seasonal Experience

Crystal River is one the premier areas for recreational scalloping. Search the sea grass beds of the shallow Gulf for the tasty morsels. It’s family-friendly fun for people of all ages. Join Crystal River Watersports on a boat trip for a fun underwater game of hide and seek in the sea grass of the shallow waters of the Gulf. 

All you do is float around, looking in the grass beds for the scallop shape or their “blue eyes”. Use your masks, fins and snorkels to “hunt” the scallops, pick them up and place them in your bag. Remember they swim up or backwards when they sense danger (you). Hold your breath, take a dive and grab the scallops to enjoy later! 

  • Scalloping combines a day on the water with family and friends while enjoying nature – AND bringing home dinner. What a fun way to spend a summer day!
  • Bring a friend, bring the family or bring a group. We have multiple boats that can travel together. Our charters are semi-private. We’ll provide your mask, fins, snorkel, and the necessary “Diver Down” flag to mark where you dive. You bring your own nets and coolers for the scallops, and even for drinks, snacks, and lunch if you like!
  • We will also provide the salt water license. Limits are:
    • Per person: 1 pint scallop meat or 2 gallons in the shell OR 
    • Per boat: 1/2 gallon meat or 10 gallons in the shell

Please note: Scallop Season is only open between July 1 through September 24.

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