Manatee Awareness Specialty

Protect Our Waters

Manatees are peaceful and gentle creatures who call Crystal River home for a portion of the year. During the winter months, when ocean temperatures cool off, Manatees head for warmer waters such as springs and rivers. With the Manatee Awareness Specialty, you can learn about these wonderful creatures and how to protect them.

What Will You Learn?

  • What are Manatees?
  • Manatee social behavior and habitat
  • Regulations and restrictions when around Manatees

What Will You Do?

You will read and listen to a lecture about Manatees and their environment.

What is the next step?

Now you know about Manatees, what is next?

  • Apply your Manatee Awareness Specialty to an Advanced
  • Open Water Certification
  • Get more diving experience
  • Learn how to become a MASTER Scuba Diver

Course Price

On Demand Manatee Awareness Specialty $75.00