CatBoat Adventures

Go Karts on water right here on Crystal River!

Be your own captain and zip around Crystal River on CatBoats – only at Crystal River Watersports!

Duration & Pricing

CatBoats are available in 1h15m and 2h30m ride times.

  • Departure times vary, call the shop to request a time outside of online booking availability as online booking times are limited (but we are flexible!)
  • $125 per boat for ~1h15m experience.
  • $250 per boat for ~2h30m experience.
  • Having too much fun? Stay out longer for an additional $50 for your entire group (all boats)!*

*Based on availability and time of day / daylight. Upcharge for additional time is $50 for 30m for the entire group, no per-boat cost needed.

About This Experience

Captain your own 2-man catamaran – think go kart on water! What better way to explore the waterways of Crystal River than on your own CatBoat? Zip around the rivers or bay, head out towards the Gulf on longer excursions, or explore the canals and springs that are plentiful throughout our beautiful area. A guide (on their own boat) will be with you to lead you around and make sure you don’t get taken by pirates…or lost among our maze of canals and waterways. This tour starts and finishes through our beautiful Eco and Manatee zones at idle speed where you will have the opportunity to see the incredible wildlife of the region. Next, we will go zipping down the Crystal River and may reach full speed (25 MPH) on our way to check out different areas our surrounding waterways. You’ll have the opportunity to see plentiful species of birds and waterfowl, and quite often even a manatee or two!  The vantage point is unique as you are close to the water and often eyelevel with the wading shore birds. There’s no better way to get up close and personal with our wildlife without getting wet (or maybe getting a little wet from wake-jumping and splashing and laughing)! 

Our CraigCat boats are like go-carts on water – tons of fun to drive or ride and we’re excited to be the only company in Crystal River offering this unique experience. We believe in observe & preserving our beautiful waterways and natural habitat, and all our tours take into consideration local wildlife safety and conservation as our #1 priority.

Prior to launching, you receive thorough instructions on how to operate the boat and we will practice here in our lagoon.  The initial idle/slow zone will give you time to get familiar with the controls and learn how to be your own captain for endless fun out on the river!


If we need to cancel the tour due to unsafe weather, we will reschedule another time. If another time doesn’t work for you, we will cancel and issue a refund. Please know that cloudy is not considered unsafe, however heavy rain, thunderstorms, and lightning will be cause for rescheduling. We’re sorry we can’t control the weather, but Mother Nature definitely makes her own plans! We will always do our best to stick to your scheduled tour date and time as weather permits.

Safety Requirements

Please read our safety requirements below prior to booking your tour. As our guest, your safety is our utmost priority and we want to ensure that you have a fabulous experience on your CatBoat tour!

Weight Limit

There is a 250lb weight limit PER PERSON.

For safety reasons, we need to enforce the weight limit. If anyone in your party weighs more than 250lbs, they may not be allowed to participate.

Age Requirements

Must be 18 years or older to drive the boat and must be 6 or older to be a passenger on the boat.

Boater Safety Course

Please also make sure to have the driver of the boat complete their Boat Safety Course, UNLESS they were born prior to Jan 1, 1988. If needed, we recommend the $10 course from Boat Ed.

Any of these courses can be completed and will count as your required Boat Safety Course. The free course is estimated to take 8 hours. Other courses like Boat Ed are generally shorter courses. You can view more FWC approved courses here.

Book online for fixed time tours, or call our shop to request a time of your choosing and we will do our best to accommodate you and your group on this fantastic experience!

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