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  • Bay & Spring Morning CatBoat Tour

    Be Your Own Captain Around Crystal River! We are happy to run our Bay & Spring CatBoat tours all year
  • Salt River & Gulf Afternoon CatBoat Tour

    Be Your Own Captain Along the Salt River! During scallop season 7/1 - 9/24 we do not take CatBoat tours
  • Private Manatee Tour

    The best private boat tour and swim with manatees in Crystal River! Duration Approximately 2.5-3 hours About This Experience Have
  • Deluxe Manatee Tour

    Swim with the gentle manatees! Duration Approximately 2.5-3 hours About This Experience When it comes to taking a manatee tour,
  • Manatees & Mermaids

    Manatees & Mermaids: Fantasy and Fun for the Entire Family! Can’t decide between a manatee tour or a mermaid course?
  • VIP Manatee Tour

    The best way to spend time with the manatees! Duration Approximately 2.5-3 hours About This Seasonal Experience Ever wanted to
  • Try Scuba / Discover Scuba Diving

    These programs are the best way to try scuba diving for the first time. You will be in confined water
  • Open Water Certification

    Want to get Scuba Certified? If you have always wanted to learn to scuba dive so you can experience the unparalleled
  • Open Water Referral

    Want to finish your Scuba Certification in Crystal River? PADI Open Water Referral: Did you start your scuba certification somewhere
  • Advanced Open Water

    They’re what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. And no, you don’t have to be “advanced”
  • CPR / First Aid (PADI) – React Right (SSI)

    Don’t Just Stand There! Emergency First Response is the fastest-growing international CPR, AED and first air training organization. With more
  • Fish Identification

    Develop the knowledge and ability to identify common families of Caribbean, Indio-Pacific, and Red Sea Fish. Learn the scientific names
  • Rainbow River Drift Dive

    Makes a great family activity, since divers and non-divers can participate together.The Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida is known for
  • Devil’s Den / Blue Grotto COMBO

    Located in Williston, Florida, Blue Grotto is a cavern system great for open water divers. One of the more unique
  • Three Sisters Springs

    Three Sisters Springs is a complex of three spring areas, with many vents and sand boils that help feed Kings
  • Divemaster

    Become a Professional Level Diver. Love scuba diving? Want to share it with others on a whole new level? Take
  • Master SCUBA Diver

    Master Your Skills When you become a Master Scuba Diver, you are telling the world that you are dedicated to
  • Specialty Diver Certifications

    Learn Something New Do you want to improve your navigation skills? Are you interested in Underwater Photography? These are just
  • Rescue Diver (PADI) – Diver Stress and Rescue (SSI)

    Are You Prepared? “Challenging” and “rewarding” best describe the PADI Rescue Diver course. Building upon what you’ve already learned, this
  • Scuba Trips

    Scuba Trips to Domestic & International Destinations Several times a year Crystal River Watersports books international scuba trips to incredible
  • Scalloping

    Come scalloping and dive for your dinner!  Duration Approximately 5 hours departing at 7am and 12:45 / 1pm. About This
  • River Sightseeing Cruise

    Private Tours Explore Crystal River, Indian River, and King’s Bay on our 6 passenger boats. The USCG certified Captain/Guide will focus
  • Manatee Awareness Specialty

    Protect Our Waters Manatees are peaceful and gentle creatures who call Crystal River home for a portion of the year.
  • Sea Turtle Ecology

    How many types of sea turtles are there? Investigate the history of the marine reptiles, reproduction, threats and how they
  • Manta and Ray Ecology

    Join us to learn more and Mantas & Rays Rays are closely related to sharks and have been around for
  • Marine Ecology

    The oceans have many ecosystems with incredible diversity. Learn about the physical components of the oceans and the resultant life
  • Shark Ecology Course

    Join us to learn about Shark Ecology. The relationship between humans and sharks is complex because it involves fear and
  • Coral Identification

    Join us to Explore the basic structure of corals and coral reefs. Learn how to identify coral families and examine
  • Try Mermaid

    The SSI Try Mermaid program is your introduction to the world of mermaids and mermen and to swimming with an
  • Mermaid Training

    This recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as mermaid or merman. Personalized training is