About Us

Family Owned & Nature Conscious

Crystal River Watersports has been a family-owned adventure tour center for over 20 years.  We focus on providing sustainable eco-responsible opportunities for people to enjoy the Nature Coast of Florida.

Observing and Preserving Nature Above, In, and Under Water

Crystal River Watersports was one of the first companies to become a member of the Save the Manatee Club Guardian Guides Program.  Our adherence to the principles ensures a sound ecological experience for the guests while at the same time protecting the manatees.

Crystal River Watersports is proud to offer SCUBA training through Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) and SCUBA Schools International (SSI).  Each agency promotes safety and stewardship of the aquatic environment.

Our staff are involved in multiple efforts to preserve nature through Project Aware and the Triton Society.  Many hours are donated in support of Save Crystal River’s efforts to improve the local waterways in addition to assisting on the manatee rescue/release teams and annual manatee health assessment efforts.  Support is provided to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.

Donations have been made to Coastal Camp Citrus to get local youth exposed to local marine science.  Over $2000 in books were donated to elementary and middle schools to help educate students about manatees.

Here at Crystal River Watersports, our focus isn’t on tours, it’s on adventures! We offer in-water adventures that include snorkeling, manatee adventures, scuba tours and courses, scalloping, and even mermaiding. For our guests who prefer to stay dry, there are a variety of cruises and adventures that are great for landlubbers and hydrophobes alike. We even offer ecology courses that can be done virtually for sea-lovers of all ages. Regardless of your preference, our adventures and courses have everything you need to learn about and love Crystal River and its waterways as much as we do. Just come and see for yourself!

Organizations & Partnerships

In addition to being a Guardian Guide, Crystal River Watersports is proud to be a member of multiple organizations that support responsible ecotourism.

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